Top Plugins for Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is the current version of Sublime Text and comes for different operating systems including Windows, MacOs, Linux and also available as a portable version.
Although Sublime text 3 comes with bunches of features that makes it different from other code editors. In Web Tool section we are going to mention top plugins for Sublime Text 3 that are available.

Top Plugins for Sublime Text 3

  • Package control
  • Emmet
  • SidebarEnhancement
  • SublimeLinter
  • Git
  • Terminal
  • Alignment
  • CanIuse
  • Colorpicker
  • CssCombo

1 – package control

Package Control Come at first our top plugins for sublime text 3 due to its necessity. Package control should be the first thing to install just after installing your sublime text. With it, you can install, upgrade, remove, and view with ease the list of packages or plugins that you have installed in Sublime Text 3.

2 – Emmet

Emmet is a handy tool for web designer, developers that allow to write HTML and CSS codes faster with abbreviations/shortcuts, then expand them in valid HTML.

3 – SidebarEnhancement

SidebarEnhancements has a bunch of new things in the Sidebar menu includes opening file in the browser, creating a new file and folder in the current project folder, moving files and folders, duplicating file and folder, Refresh, and a bunch more functionalities.

4 – SublimeLinter

SublimeLinter is of the most popular linter available for sublime text 3. and the new version comes with a set of new features, Rather than putting all linters in one package, the developer allows you to select and install only the ones that you regularly use.

5 – Git

Now it’s easier for you to run some Git commands from SublimeText 3, such as Add and Committing Files, Viewing Log, and Annotating Files. Just by Installing git plugin for your Sublime Text 3.

6 -Terminal

Terminal is one of the Top Plugins for Sublime Text 3 that let you open your projects folders in terminal directly form sublime text 3 – just with a hotkey. terminal is very helpful when you have run command lines in the given folder.

7 – Alignment

The Alignment plugin for sublime text 3 let you align your codes easy,  including  JavaScript, CSS and PHP codes.

8 – CanIuse

CanIuse one of the Top Plugins for Sublime Text 3 that let you check your HTML and CSS codes through your code editor.  To use it, highlight the HTML element or the CSS property, and it will bring you to the appropriate page in

9 – Colorpicker

One of the Top Plugins for sublime text  3 is color picker that is very handy for web designers. It allows you to select and add colors to Sublime Text 3 with the native color wheel from your OS.

10 – CssCombo

The Last but not the least in our list for the Top plugin for Sublime Text 3 is CSSCombo plugin. it’s a plugin that allows you to sort CSS properties. that helps you have your code tidier and in the right order. it also allows you to customize the order of the properties.


There could be a bunch of more packages and plugins available for sublime text 3. Please comment what packages and plugins you are using with your sublime text editor.


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